Watch Ian Carr & The Various Artists practicing in our cellar!

Here´s a couple of songs from Marit Leja, I play guitar and produce.

Torbjörn Allard made a film of Havets Vågor, from the Natt blir dag CD. How on earth did Anders Nygårds play mandolin AND violin at the SAME TIME?

John Douglas filmed Thomas Gibbs and me playing ” Who He?”

Here´s Kris Drever and me playing “Andravida”, originally recorded on Step On It by Nilkas Roswall and me.

Here`s another song from the “Who He?” album. It`s actually me and Maria Jonsson and Mikael Marin who are a trio called Timber. The bouncing ball you can see in the film got stuck in the escalator and a man had to put it in reverse to get the ball out. The film is by the artist Rickard Fåraeus who lives in Stockholm.

Here`s a film that my friend Anna Nyberg and her friend Kid Falk did of “I´ll Call You”, from Who He?

Here`s Emma Reid, Simon Thoumire and Staffan Lindfors doing,”Oh Yeah”.

Same band doing ” Gahn Blenk”

Here´s Heidi Talbot talking about making Angels Without Wings.

Here`s Simon Thoumire and me playing some crazy tunes on his sofa in Glasgow.

This is a film about a great tour I was on in 2008

Sofia Karlsson came to Falun and recorded her version of Steve Earle´s Valentines day. She brought a video camera and made this film.