You’ll be pleased to know i survived my skiing trip in the Dalarna mountains, not that there was a huge amount of skiing, what with me getting the flu and everything. However, guitar at the ready as always, i wrote a big tune called Cabin Fever and taught it to Jen Austin and Toby Shaer and we played it every night on our uk tour with the wonderful Heidi Talbot.

Which was lovely, it’s been many a year since I’ve played with Heidi so I was excited when she asked me to play with her last year at the Tonder Festival in Denmark, and we filled tent 1 with soul! Her music had grown so much in the time since I last worked with her, and she has great new material, including the great “Wandering Roads” a highlight of the recent gigs and her new record ” Sing It For A Lifetime”, produced by Dirk Powell from Louisiana. I had such a good jam with Dirk and his pal Cedric Watson( not to mention Michael McGoldrick on triangle) earlier this year, a 2 step that lasted for 20 minutes which drove the unsuspecting hotel bar drinkers wild, so much so that the bar manager had to tell us to shut up!